If you purchase a home through Shaw Realty Group, Brokerage and don't absolutely love it after you move in, we will sell it for FREE.

Moving can be overwhelming. We will create a customized plan to make this as simple as possible!  Our team will walk you through every step of the process. This includes helping you set up utilities, introducing you to local events, and organizing moving day!

Certain terms and conditions apply.

  1. TEAMWORK: Our team is dedicated to creating a seamless move for you. Let us know what you value in a team!
  2. VENDORS: Moving can be overwhelming. Leave all the details to us. We will arrange everything for you!
  3. COMMUNITY: We will welcome you to our community and invite you to local events. We want you to feel as home as we do.
Why are we offering this guarantee? Shaw Realty Group, Brokerage is a team of REALTORS® here to help you. We are the best at what we do and are dedicated to creating a 10+ customer experience for our clients.  We’re in the business of finding your dream home, not just any home. We want you to be totally satisfied with your home and will do everything we can to get you into a home you will love!

We sold over 300 homes in 2018 and over 380 homes in 2019! 

With three teams across Ontario, we have more experience than the average sales representative. What does that mean for you? We offer a higher marketing budget per listing, stronger negotiation skills, and a customer service department to make this the smoothest transaction possible.
Now, every client is special. Let us know what would make this a 10+ expeirence for you. Whether it is more communication, education, patience, negotiation, or marketing, we're here to create a customzied listnig plan for you.